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Tough Service with a Soft Touch

Whenever services are rendered, as business owners we often face the possibility of a client having an outstanding balance. While accounts receivable are an asset, these unpaid monies owed are of little utility in day to day cash flow. Time passes and your bottom line becomes more greatly affected when they can sometimes seem impossible to recover.

That's where Precott ARM comes in. Presott ARM, LLC is an Arizona based limited liability corporation that works with you to create a custom tailored plan of action to not only make your accounts receivable manageable, but to implement practices for your business to minimize this perceived liability in the future.

As part of our mission to put cash back into your business, Prescott ARM is a contingency fee based service. There are no costs or contracts; we only get paid when you do. Unlike many competitors, you retain complete control of your accounts. We strive to distinguish ourselves from the much dreaded "hard sell" collection agency. It is our belief that perseverance and understanding provide the best results and greater ongoing relationships with your customers.

We are prepared to see you through any part of the collections process, but Prescott ARM does not utilize one set strategy or pricing structure. Call us to discuss your unique needs and see how we can help!

Take Control of Your Accounts Receivable

Call us to discuss your unique needs and see how we can help!